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This page provides links to up-to-date, accurate and unbiased information and resources about methamphetamine.

Reports & Factsheets

Health Effects

Methamphetamine. Health Canada. (2018).
Methamphetamines. Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre, BC Children’s Hospital.
Straight Talk – Methamphetamines. Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.


Harm Reduction

A User’s Guide to Methamphetamine: A Self-Help Guide to Reduce Harm for People Who Use Methamphetamine. Wellington Guelph Drug Strategy, Waterloo Region Integrated Drugs Strategy. (2017).
Get Smart: Smoke Crystal Safer. Sanguen Health Centre, Waterloo Region Integrated Drugs Strategy.
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Plugging: A Step by Step Guide. PARN – Your Community AIDS Resource Network.
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All About Crystal Meth. Toronto Vibe. ACT – AIDS Committee of Toronto. ACT – AIDS Committee of Toronto.
Staying Off Crystal For a Day Or Longer, Practical Tips from Gay and Bisexual Men. ACT – AIDS Committee of Toronto. (2015).

Health Effects

Crystal Meth Psychosis. Here to Help. (2004).
Methamphetamine (Canadian Drug Summary). Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction. (2018).
What You Need to Know About Methamphetamine. Waterloo Region Integrated Drugs Strategy, University of Waterloo.


Harm Reduction

Crystal methamphetamine use, sexual risk behaviours and harm reduction, among men who have sex with men. The Ontario HIV Treatment Network. (2015).
Harm Reduction Supplies for Safer Crystal Methamphetamine Use. Kingston Community Centres. (2018).
OHSUTP Harm Reduction Webinars. Ontario HIV & Substance Use Training Program. (2017).
Part 1 – Methamphetamine: The Basics. Ontario Harm Reduction Network. (2018).
Part 2 – Methamphetamine: Working with & supporting people who use. Ontario Harm Reduction Network. (2018).
Treatment Approaches for Users of Methamphetamine: A Practical Guide for Frontline Workers. Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre. (2008).
Crystal Methamphetamine Strategy. St. Stephen’s Community House. (2019)



Chemsex: A Case Study of Drug-Userphobia. International Network of People Who Use Drugs. (2019).
Crystal Meth eLearning Series. St. Stephen’s Community House. (2019).


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