PDS Housing Report

PDS Housing Report (2022-2023)

PDS conducted a housing research project between September 2022 and April 2023. PDS is a community-based organization focused on reducing the harms of substance use and it is well known that the drug poisoning epidemic intersects with the housing and homelessness crisis, and the mental health crisis – you cannot really talk about one without the other.


The goal of this report was to:

(1) Clarify the role of the different levels of government in the housing and homelessness crisis;
(2) Identify creativity and innovation in the housing and homelessness response in four mid-sized cities in Ontario (Wellington County, The Region of Waterloo, The City of Greater Sudbury, and The City of Kingston).

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This report provides an accountability framework for federal, provincial, and municipal governments, and presents four case studies on how communities are addressing the issue in productive ways.

You can read the report here:

From Onus to Action in the Housing and Homelessness Crisis: Exploring Government Responsibilities and Innovative Approaches by Mid-Sized Ontario Cities