Workplace Overdose Information

Get Trained to Respond to an Overdose at Your Workplace

Are you concerned about responding to a possible overdose at your workplace? Learn more and register for upcoming training sessions on understanding opioids and administering naloxone by visiting the Question of Care Training Calendar.

We do not offer individualized in-house trainings. Please join us at an upcoming session where staff can learn while meeting staff from other agencies in our community. This training is provided with the dedication of in-kind resources from PDS, Peterborough Public Health and PARN – Your Community AIDS Resource Network.

Should your organization carry naloxone in your First Aid kit?

Responding to an Opioid Overdose at Work

1. Have naloxone kitds on-site and ensure staff are trained to use them. 2. Establish an overdose prevention and response protocol. 3. Wear nitrile gloves and do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth. 4. If you touch fentanyl immediatly wash the area with lots of water. Do not attempt to wash with alcohol based hand sanitizers as tehy do not remove opioids from the skin!

Develop policies and procedures to ensure employees are informed when they respond to an overdose


Risks of responding to an Opioid Overdose at Work

The risk of inadvertent exposure to fentanyl for staff responding to an opioid overdose in their workplace is extremely low. Routine precautions and overdose prevention training are sufficient for managing the risk of unintended fentanyl exposure while responding.*

*Ministry of Health, British Columbia. (2017). Guidance statement regarding Personal Protective Equipment for Emergency Medical Services and Health Care Workers dealing with overdose victims. Retrieved from: