Overdose Follow-up

Supporting people following an overdose is one focus of the team. Participating in a wellness check gives the community paramedic a chance to provide minor medical care like checking an abscess and making a warm connection to further medical care. People can also get harm reduction supplies including Naloxone and emotional support. It can be challenging to try and think of all the appropriate referrals required after an overdose. One referral to MSORT provides the team a chance to do an assessment and connect the individual to supports that makes sense.

MSORT may also be of assistance to people supporting someone else who has experienced a recent overdose and need information, support or referrals. Additionally, MSORT can also help service providers ensure that everything that can be done is being done.

Harm Reduction supports, supplies and Naloxone

Helping people stay as healthy as they can while they use and preventing overdoses is another focus of the team. Whether your clients need new supplies like syringes, information on safer use or Naloxone, we can help.

Health and Wellness supports

The team provides a range of services and supports that include single, one-time interactions through to short-term case management. Where longer-term support or care is required the team will help connect people to available services and programs that they want and need. This systems navigation means more than making a referral, it means working with people to really understand their needs and supporting them through the referral process to ensure a successful connection.

We will refer to and work with you and a wide range of health and social services including: the Rapid Access Addictions Medicine clinic., 360 Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic, Mental health services, addictions treatment options, Primary Care, Housing Supports, Legal Aid, Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre, Nogojiawanong Friendship Centre, Youth Services, and more (see collaborative care planning).

Collaborative care planning

MSORT is committed to collaborative holistic approaches including assistance with systems navigation and collaborative care planning.

Connect. Prevent. Strengthen.