Meet the partners

MSORT was a collaboration between PARN’s Harm Reduction Works (HRW) program, Peterborough County/City Paramedics (PCCP), the Four Counties Addiction Services Team (FourCAST), and the Peterborough Drug Strategy (PDS). This project was developed through community consultations led by the Peterborough Police Service (PPS) in early 2018.

MSORT had frontline staff from PARN, PCCP, and FourCAST who you may have seen and interacted with in the community. PDS provided evaluation and knowledge translation support while PPS provided administrative and management oversight. All the partners participated in a collaborative leadership team to support the work of the project manager.

Meet the TEAM

The frontline team included a Community-based Paramedic, two Addictions Treatment Specialists and Harm Reduction Peer Outreach Workers who offered a range of support, health and treatment options for people thinking about what they needed and who best could assist them. The team took a trauma-informed approach to their work and understood that addiction, a poisoned drug supply and high rates of overdoses are having a devastating impact on our community.

The team’s ability to meet people out in the community enabled them to meet them where they were. You may have seen team members travelling in a Paramedic marked SUV, unmarked cars or out on foot in the community.

The team manager provided day-to-day support and oversight to the team who aimed to respond to all referrals and requests for service within 24 to 48 hours.

Connect. Prevent. Strengthen.