The Strategy

We consulted across Peterborough City & County, local experts, and international research to develop a plan to reduce the harm associated with alcohol and other drug use.

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Understanding Substance Use

There are many harms associated with substance use. Understanding the complexities can help improve the way we support individuals in our lives.

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Need Help?

A list of local resources and places to go for help related to substance use.

Peterborough Drug Strategy
Peterborough Drug Strategy3 days ago
Come visit us at Peterborough Square today to learn about opioids and get your own nasal naloxone kit. We’re here until 4pm on the upper level.
Peterborough Drug Strategy
Peterborough Drug Strategy6 days ago
New training sessions now available for Spring 2018. Details and registration on the Question of Care training calendar.
Peterborough Drug Strategy
Peterborough Drug Strategy updated their cover photo.6 days ago

Get a naloxone kit