The Strategy

We consulted across Peterborough City & County, local experts, and international research to develop a plan to reduce the harm associated with alcohol and other drug use.

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Understanding Substance Use

There are many harms associated with substance use. Understanding the complexities can help improve the way we support individuals in our lives.

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Need Help?

A list of local resources and places to go for help related to substance use.

Peterborough Drug Strategy
Peterborough Drug Strategy shared a post.
A message from PARN Executive Director Kim Dolan:

"As I tie up loose ends I’m mindful that you may want an update on the Consumption and Treatment Site application. In mid-December we submitted a draft proposal based on the provincial CTS application criteria and look forward to comments from the Addictions & Substances Branch of the Ministry of Health. We continue to search for a site that meets the CTS criteria. The evidence-informed responses to this complex crisis are many – some are already in place and a few others are on the horizon."
Peterborough Drug Strategy
Peterborough Drug Strategy
We are thrilled to sponsor CommUNITY at #ReFrame2020. This local documentary filmed in nearby Cobourg showcases community-based efforts to build compassion and belonging in the face of Canada's devastating overdose and drug poisoning crisis. Join us this Sunday at the ReFrame Film Festival for the public premiere!
Peterborough Drug Strategy
Peterborough Drug Strategy
Have you noticed social media posts that seem skewed or too good to be true? This article reminds us to read critically and consult trusted sources before coming to any conclusions.

"Misleading messages are now pervasive online, and it is important for the public to understand the difference between a demonstrated, scientifically backed piece of health information and claims that are simply made up."

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