The Strategy

We consulted across Peterborough City & County, local experts, and international research to develop a plan to reduce the harm associated with alcohol and other drug use.

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Understanding Substance Use

There are many harms associated with substance use. Understanding the complexities can help improve the way we support individuals in our lives.

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Need Help?

A list of local resources and places to go for help related to substance use.

Peterborough Drug Strategy
Peterborough Drug Strategy
“It’s not like you go to residential [treatment] and that’s it,” Rush says. “You go to residential to remove yourself from that environment — that’s the main value.” Going home and thinking everything will be perfect again is not the reality, he says, adding that there need to be follow-ups and counselling.

Although some residential treatment programs do follow up with clients once they return home, Rush says, there’s no official obligation for them to do so. “We invest literally tens of thousands of dollars in residential treatment, and then just kind of kick people to the curb and keep our fingers crossed,” Cavacuiti says. “That’s not an appropriate way to try and manage this illness.”
Peterborough Drug Strategy
Peterborough Drug Strategy
“Generally, the more remote the community — the more northern and so forth — the harder it will be to access treatment,” says David Marsh, a clinical-sciences professor at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. “Residential treatment from publicly funded agencies tends to have long waiting periods — sometimes weeks or months in length. And, particularly in rural parts of the province, people have to travel to get to a program that will accept them.”
Peterborough Drug Strategy
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