The Strategy

We consulted across Peterborough City & County, local experts, and international research to develop a plan to reduce the harm associated with alcohol and other drug use.

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Understanding Substance Use

There are many harms associated with substance use. Understanding the complexities can help improve the way we support individuals in our lives.

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Need Help?

A list of local resources and places to go for help related to substance use.

Peterborough Drug Strategy
Peterborough Drug Strategy
In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, PARN-Your Community AIDS Resource Network is increasing its harm reduction outreach in #ptbo.

Staff say, drug users may have higher risk for contracting severe cases of COVID-19, due to underlying respiratory illnesses and other health conditions.

PARN's outreach truck is visiting One Roof Community Centre every lunch hour during the COVID-19 outbreak, and there are also plans to do daily outreach at The City of Peterborough's new shelter at the Sport and Wellness Centre.

You can read more about local harm reduction efforts in our newsletter:
Peterborough Drug Strategy
Peterborough Drug Strategy
As two public health crises collide, we're gathering insight and guidance on best practices for people who use drugs and healthcare providers.
Peterborough Drug Strategy
Peterborough Drug Strategy
Our office is currently closed, we are working off-site *updates may occur*
Online and Phone Supports are Available

Monday- Friday 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Web-Chats via our website
Texting 705-710-5234
Office Phone 705-748- 5901

Crisis-Line 24/7

If you need safety planning, grounding for flashback and anxiety, seek referrals or shelter services, we are here to connect you and support you!

Check out this link if you are having health concerns

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