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The Strategy

We consulted across Peterborough City & County, local experts, and international research to develop a plan to reduce the harm associated with alcohol and other drug use.

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Understanding Substance Use

There are many harms associated with substance use. Understanding the complexities can help improve the way we support individuals in our lives.

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Need Help?

A list of local resources and places to go for help related to substance use.

Peterborough Drug Strategy
Peterborough Drug Strategy shared a post.
Join PARN-Your Community AIDS Resource Network this Tuesday, August 27 to help make purple rosettes to display across #ptbo in recognition of the lives we have lost to drug overdoses and poisonings in our community. More details below. #IOAD2019
Peterborough Drug Strategy
Peterborough Drug Strategy
"Not my loved ones," you might be thinking, and I hope you're right. It's certainly easier to believe, as I once did, that the opioid crisis is some far-off threat, like a flood or fire in another province. The reality is that it may be bigger and closer than many of us want to admit."
Peterborough Drug Strategy
Peterborough Drug Strategy
Sign the petition for a Consumption and Treatment site in Peterborough:

A group of local organizations and community members are working to establish a site where people who use injection drugs can use those drugs under the supervision of health professionals in order to prevent opioid poisoning deaths. The site will also provide onsite or defined pathways to addiction treatment services, primary care, mental health, housing, and other social supports.

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