Local data

Local Research and Data

Cannabis legalization has generated need for local data, public education, and evidence-based resources and support about recreational, non-medical cannabis use.

In 2019, the Peterborough Drug Strategy (PDS) initiated a research and data collection process to help address the lack of locally relevant data sources pertaining to non-medical cannabis use in the City of Peterborough. Through a phone survey and focus groups, adult (18+) residents were asked about their views, knowledge, and consumption of cannabis.




Acceptance & Views

Do you have a positive or negative opinion of recreational cannabis use?

Opinion of recreational cannabis use by age.

Do you think cannabis is addictive?

Do you consider cannabis to be a gateway drug to other substances?

Do you consider cannabis to less harmful than alcohol, more harmful, or about the same?

Using a scale from one being not at all harmful to five very harmful, how would you rate the harm associated with cannabis use?

Consumption & Demand

How often, if at all, do you use cannabis recreationally?

Frequency of recreational cannabis use by age.


Since cannabis was legalized, would you say your consumption has increased, decreased, or remained about the same?



What is your preferred method of using cannabis?


From what sources do you purchase cannabis products?



*Multiple choices accepted.


Retail Store


Illegal Market