Street name:


G, Liquid ecstasy, Liquid x, Grievous bodily harm

What is it?

GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate) is produced naturally in the human body in very small amounts. When taken as a recreational drug, and especially when taken in combination with alcohol or other drugs, GHB can be extremely dangerous.

GHB is a central nervous system depressant. That means it makes you sleepy, and slows down your breathing and heart rate.  

GHB is made in illegal labs where the chemical ingredients and process varies, affecting the
purity and effect of the final product.


    •    Sickness
    •    Stiff muscles
    •    Fits and even collapse
    •    Coma
    •    Seizures
    •    Anxiety
    •    Tremors
    •    Inability to sleep
    •    Paranoia
    •    Hallucinations
    •    High blood pressure


When taken with alcohol or other drugs, the effects of GHB are more intense, and the risk of toxic effects and overdose increases.

GHB is a potent sedative, causing users to fall into a deep coma-like sleep from which they might not be aroused for several hours. They may vomit while they're sleeping and choke. When in a GHB sleep, convulsions can occur, often alarming others into rushing the user to the hospital for emergency care.

GHB's liquid form allows it to be slipped into drinks, and its sedative effects prevent victims from resisting sexual assault. For this reason, it has been referred to in the media as a "date rape" drug. GHB can also cause amnesia, meaning that when people recover from the drug's effects, they may not remember what happened. Take caution at parties and bars - watch your drink.
GHB may interact dangerously with some medications, such as protease inhibitors used to treat HIV.